Too Good To Trade Caravans

Following a change in trading policy The Caravan Company have decided in general not to retail caravans that were manufactured prior to 2010 from January 2023. Consequently, these caravans are part of a group of tourers that need to be cleared from our stock and old as we would to the trade. This caravan will be sold where they stand with no warranty implied or given at these reduced prices. No caravan can be reserved prior to inspection. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make suitable arrangements for the collection of the caravan (Monday to Friday) with respect to UK law as appropriate. For further terms and conditions please contact the sales department on 01933 682888.

Year Make & Model Stock No RRP Slashed Price
2012 Buccaneer Clipper FC18195 £ £13,500 View Caravan
2015 Bailey Unicorn Cadiz FC19101 £ £13,200 View Caravan
2011 Coachman Amara 520/4 FC19076 £ £7,900 View Caravan
2012 Lunar Quasar 462 FC19079 £ £7,200 View Caravan
2005 Coachman Pastiche 460/2 FC19062 £ £5,950 View Caravan
2005 Swift Utopia 480 FC18306 £ £5,900 View Caravan
2005 Elddis Knightsbridge 524SE FC19064 £ £4,900 View Caravan
2005 Lunar Clubman 475CK FC19075 £ £4,600 View Caravan
2008 Bailey Pageant Champange S7 Harrigan £ £0 View Caravan
2004 Bailey Pageant Vendee FC19018 £ £0 View Caravan
2007 Abbey Vogue 460 O'Dell £ £0 View Caravan
2012 Sterling Eccles Elite Opal FC19105 £ £0 View Caravan