When looking for a car everyone has their own priorities whether that means you need a family car or a fuel efficient car for commuting. If you are an avid caravan owner you need a car that’s perfect for towing your caravan up and down the country! But which car is best? You need a car that is not only great for towing your home-from-home; it also has to work for you in real life as well as making financial sense. So we have done our research and found some highly recommended tow cars for you to think about:

Chevrolet Captiva

Every year The Caravan Club set out to find the best tow car in Britain, looking at things like emissions, high speed stability, braking an overall practicality. All the vehicles are split into categories depending on the weight. The Chevrolet Captiva has been named 2013’s best tow car in its weight category being praised for being a highly safe and practical car for towing. The Chevrolet Captiva is a very capable 7-seater 4x4 and a very versatile towing car.

Volkswagon Jetta

The Jetta managed to hold on to its title of tow car of the year for the second year running thanks to its impeccable handling and its superb stability on motorways. The 2.0 TDI was voted best for towing and with a boot with an impressive 510 litre capacity it really practical too. Other cars that come highly recommended in the towing world are: - Land Rover Discovery - Skoda Superb Estate - Jeep Grand Cherokee - Hyundai Santa Fe If your car isn’t one of these listed above don’t panic! There are hundreds of cars on the roads of Britain that are perfectly practical for towing a caravan. The most important thing to know is how much weight your car can tow and ensure it can safely tow a caravan. Once you’ve got your car and you know how much it can tow you can start looking for a caravan! Here at The Caravan Company we have a huge range of caravans for sale in Leicester, Northampton, Reading and Dorset with new models coming in all the time. So make sure you check out our website or come and visit us at one of our branches and let us help you find the ideal caravan.