With holidays abroad becoming more and more unattainable due to their high price, many of us are choosing to holiday at home in the UK, and why not as there is so much to explore! Many of us are choosing to carry out our exploration of the British Isles by car and caravan, which gives the freedom and the opportunity to travel when and wherever you like. But the thing that has got many people stumped is the conundrum of whether to buy a used or new caravan. Here at The Caravan Company we have years of experience in the area and sell a huge range of used caravans in Oxford and are here to help you decide which option is best for you.  

The Cost

  Obviously there is a major difference between the cost of a new and used caravan and if you are on a budget or are trying to save money then a used caravan wins hands down. At The Caravan Company we have used caravans to suit all budgets. Buying a used caravan not only means you will save money but your caravan will also hold its price much better than a new one. A new caravan plummets in price after it has been purchased however a used caravan will hold its price and depreciate in value much slower.  

Old and Loved Vs Brand New

  A new caravan is obviously going to be immaculate with no problems whatsoever whereas a used caravan may have the odd dent and stain. However, for most owners their caravan is their pride and joy which they have cherished for years so will most probably be in very good condition. Just remember to thoroughly check it over for signs of rust and damp.   You may perhaps have more choice with a new caravan when it comes to size and specification however a used caravan may have gadgets and useful items that wouldn’t come as standard in a new caravan.   Be sure to browse our website and see the hundreds of caravans we have available, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t worry as we have more caravans constantly coming in so you are sure to find the perfect caravan for you.