So you’ve finally found your dream caravan, or perhaps you’re still searching for that perfect used caravan? Whatever your situation we bet you are already planning where you’re going to visit first? But are you prepared? Have you got those essential caravan accessories to ensure you have a successful first trip away in your caravan?

Spare Wheel:

You wouldn’t embark on a journey in your car if you didn’t have a spare wheel on board, and your caravan is no different. Ensure that your caravan a) has a spare wheel and b) that it hasn’t perished at all and is fully inflated.


Again do not leave your home without a decent pair of towing mirrors. They work as an extension to your towing vehicle’s mirrors and allow you to see further down the side of your caravan so you’re still aware of any vehicles or hazards that are around. The golden rule when choosing extension mirrors for your car is to try before you buy, there is a large range available and you need to make sure the ones you choose fit safely and securely to your car mirrors.

Spirit Level:

This may seem a bit of an odd one, and many modern caravans may be fitted with one anyway. But unless you want to chance sleeping at an unusual angle or trying to eat your dinner while your plate is sliding off the table it’s a good idea to take one with you and make sure your caravan is parked on flat ground and is relatively level.

Gas Cylinders:

You don’t want to run out of gas when you’re cooking your breakfast or making a cuppa so make sure you’re stocked up on gas. If you’re planning on taking your caravan out this winter then propane gas is a better choice as propane can still vaporise at temperature below zero, whether as butane doesn’t.

Electric Hook Ups:

In this day and age electricity is pretty essential when you’re away, whether you need to keep your phone charged up, you need to power your hair straighteners or you just want to watch a bit of TV in the evening you need an electric hook up lead. 25 metres would be a good length as you can’t always guarantee you will be close to an electric point. Check you’ve got all of the above before you hook up your caravan and you should be well equipped for your first trip away. Here at The Caravan Company we stock a wide range of caravan essentials in our accessory superstores in Leicester, Reading and Dorset, come and visit, us you’re sure to find everything you need.