Jeremy Clarkson has been causing controversy again and this time it appears to be the final straw for the BBC as news of the presenter being dropped from the popular TV programme has emerged. Whatever your opinion on Clarkson there's no denying that the Top Gear show has become one of the flagships for the BBC with the format being sold to countries all over the world – the latest series, number 22, was launched simultaneously in 50 countries! At The Caravan Company we have been fortunate enough to work with the team at Top Gear and have even supplied some of our second hand caravans for use on the show! We may be a bit premature in announcing the end for the programme but we have been inspired by the recent news to take a look back at some of the more memorable clips involving caravans from the show. Check out what we found and let us know if you have any more memorable caravan moments to add...

Caravan Train Part 1

I think I've seen those caravans before...See the video as James May and Richard Hammond use our caravans to create a new style of train

Caravan Train Part 2

And here's the second part although we're not so sure the idea will take off...

Caravan Conkers

Do you remember the old playground game, well James and Richard tried it with caravans – don't forget the health and safety goggles though!

Crazy Caravan Jump

5 Caravans in a row, how many do you think a Volvo can jump over successfully?

Airship Caravanning

Have you ever flown a caravan? No, us neither.

Fastest Caravan In The World?

Can the record of 125 mph towing a caravan be beaten?

Caravan Challenge

We're sure you take a bit more care of your caravans when travelling.

Car Darts

What bigger incentive to hit the bullseye target than by adding a caravan to it.