When you’re looking to buy a new or used caravan, there can be a lot to think about, what type of caravan you would like, what size do you need, what make or model… One thing you also need to consider is the insurance; it’s always a good idea to get some quotes before purchasing a caravan, as just like with cars, different caravans will carry different insurance premiums. But what do you know about caravan insurance? Here are some FAQ’s to ensure you’re all clued up when it comes to buying your caravan and your caravan insurance.

Do I Need Caravan Insurance?

Yes you do, just like with any vehicle, it’s illegal not to insure your caravan. All vehicles used on the roads must be insured, not just to protect other road users but to protect your family and your possessions too.

What Should I Look for in an Insurance Policy?

This will depend on several things: With these things in mind you may want to look into friends and family cover as well as European cover.

What do I Need to Be Aware Of?

Like with any insurance you should always check your policy carefully and ensure it covers everything you need and expect it to. You should check there is no age restrictions on your caravan and you should also check you policy covers the following:

What Information Do I Have to Give to Get Caravan Insurance

Again this is pretty similar to when you’re looking for car insurance, you need to supply your insurer with all the relevant information including any claims, penalty points or criminal and motoring convictions as well as any illnesses that may affect towing your caravan. Here at The Caravan Company we have caravans for sale in Leicester, Nottingham, Dorset, Cambridge - all over the UK in fact! We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything caravan related and are always on hand to offer advice and information on anything from purchasing a caravan to selling your old one.