If you’ve never considered hitting the road in a portable home away from home, getting away from everything and seeing the countryside, then now is the perfect time to start such an endeavour. Caravanning holidays are making a big comeback across Britain, and getting involved couldn’t be easier, or more rewarding. Here at The Caravan Company we’re dedicated to bringing you top quality, used caravans in Nottingham, and the surrounding area that will get you out and about in no time at all! But why should you consider a used caravan instead of a new one? Here are our top advantages you can enjoy via buying second hand!


Of course, one of the chief benefits to buying anything used is the reduced price. You’ll see dramatic discounts here, and at The Caravan Company, we have something to suit every budget, meaning no matter what constraints you may have, there’s a caravanning solution waiting for you!

Cheap Holidays

In a time of economic landslide, luxuries such as holidays are something we’re all trying to cut back on. Don’t despair however, because not only is a caravanning break away rewarding, fulfilling and relaxing, it’s also incredibly cheap. If you’d crossed holiday off the list this year, think again!

Higher Spec

If your budget has you constrained to a certain type and size of caravan, choosing second-hand will allow you pay the same price but for higher spec! Whether you’d rather have a bigger space, or one with newer and more advanced amenities, these options are all open to you at brilliant prices when you go used!

Slower Depreciation

Naturally, vehicles, motorhomes and caravans bought new quickly shed their price after purchase. This is not the case with second hand, meaning although you’ll be paying a brilliant price, the ballpark figure will be retained for a long while afterwards and will creep down much slower!

Expansive range – Fast sale process!

With the range of used caravans always changing and always extensive, you can get straight out on the road with your ideal travelling home. The sale process is also much quicker in comparison to new! Here at The Caravan Company, we’re the UK’s leading supplier of used caravans, bringing you unparalleled customer service, unbeatable prices and the best caravans around!