Please see update from Alko MD Peter Eustace regarding the Alko Brake Squeal:


Dear U.K. Caravan Dealer,
The worsening Coronavirus situation is currently putting our supply chain under severe pressure,
particularly some key brake parts. As a result we have been forced to prioritise how we distribute our
stock of brake components for the foreseeable future.
As a result we have taken the decision that, with immediate effect and until further notice, we will be
suspending the brake squeal warranty process. The current issue is noise only and does not influence the
braking performance and safety of the caravan.
Consumer safety is our focus, therefore the availability of production and spare parts for vehicle
manufacturers and service providers must be our main priority. Constant supply of safety critical parts to
these customers ensures that new vehicles can be built and ongoing servicing requirements remain
With the ongoing brake squeal issue and warranty process aligned to this, we would like to remind you
that this is not and has not been a recall situation and also to confirm that brake noise is not uncommon
in drum brake technology and occurs for many reasons. This noise can range from a short squeak through
to a continuous high pitched noise and can be due to the brake shoes bedding in. Bedding in of brakes can
take up to 300 miles of travel and therefore, we would encourage consumers to allow this process to
occur and if the situation does not cease then to contact their supplying Dealer for further advice.
However, to confirm the above, as the current warranty issue is noise only and does not influence braking
performance of the vehicle, the suspension of the brake squeal warranty process is with immediate effect
and until further notice. All claims currently confirmed will be fulfilled, but new claims received from
today will not be accepted. Please note that the suspension only applies to brake noise, all other
warranty claims can still be submitted using the correct channels as directed by the vehicle
manufacturer. We will assess each claim as it is received.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely and inform you of all changes in due course.
Thank you for your understanding

Your Sincerely,

Peter Eustace