Your Essential Guide to Hitching Up Your Caravan

Posted on February 26, 2013

When you first start caravanning it can seem like there are a million things to do to ensure your caravan is safe and ready to head off on your first holiday – but after a few trips you’ll soon get used to it and find that most of it will probably come naturally!

In the meantime though, here is a comprehensive guide to hitching up your caravan – this is a list of things you need to do before you head off on your first adventure in your new caravan as well as what to do when you leave the campsite and head home:


• Empty both the fresh and waste water containers in your caravan and also clear out the toilet cassette
• Turn off the gas supply at the cylinder
• Check all internal doors and cupboards are locked and everything is secure and won’t move while you’re on the road
• Make sure the windows and roof lights are closed and that the external door is locked

Hitching Up:

• Check that the caravan’s handbrake is on and if you’re on a slope always place chocks under the wheels
• Lower the jockey wheel and lock it in place
• Adjust the hitch height so it’s higher than the car’s tow ball
• Reverse your car slowly up to the caravan and secure the hitch on the tow ball
• Lift the jockey wheel back up
• Connect the electrical plugs and the stabiliser system and make sure that the cables are not lose enough to drag on the floor but also not tight enough so they will pull as the car’s turning
• Attach the breakaway cable
• Remove the chocks from under the wheels and release the handbrake
• Finally check that all the lights and indicators are working and you’re ready to go!

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