Winter Care for Your Caravan

Posted on December 24, 2012

So you’ve probably had your last caravanning trip of the season and you might be thinking about putting your caravan into hibernation until the warmer weather arrives once again, but do you know how to care for your caravan during the winter? If not, don’t panic, here at The Caravan Company we have some top tips on winter care for your caravan:

Where Shall I Store my Caravan?

Caravans are of course designed for outside use and can withstand all types of weather conditions however standing outside for long periods of time is not always ideal. So it’s best to store your caravan somewhere where it will have some cover and protection from the winter weather. This could be your garage, a local storage unit or even a farm if you know someone who would let you store it. Keeping your caravan under cover will not only protect it from the weather but it will also help keep it more secure too.

The Outside of Your Caravan:

There are a few things you can do to help keep your caravan in tip top condition, for example, tyres don’t like to be sat in the same position for long periods of time so turn them regularly to prevent them from warping.

For that extra level of security you should think about fitting hitch locks and wheel clamps to deter any potential opportunists. You should ideally store your caravan with the corner steadies down and the handbrake off to stop it from sticking, so make sure you use chocks if necessary.

Also, if you have taken your caravan out on the road recently it may be worth giving it a quick wash and a brush to ensure there is no corrosive road salt left on the chassis.

The Interior of Your Caravan:

It’s important to clean the interior of your caravan thoroughly to ensure no mould will develop during the winter months, also make sure you clear out all food and drink from your caravan and empty all the bins. You should leave any fixed beds in the open position as well as leaving any cupboards and wardrobes open to aid circulation. Finally, oil any joints with oil to ensure that they don’t rust over winter.

Now your caravan is prepared for winter and will be ready and waiting for you when you hit the road next Spring!

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