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Posted on June 21, 2016



Value for Money: 1-5

Customer Service: 5

Caravan Presentation: 1-5




Dear Andrew Scott,


On the past February me, my husband and my two boys spent the day visiting some caravan dealers, in order to decide if caravanning would be the solution to spend quality time on holidays in family.

We visited a few places where we were told to ‘feel free to see the caravans or ask any question’ and left on our own.

When we arrived to the Caravan Company we also were very welcomed but after a few minutes we were approached very subtle and nice by one of the company workers. We were very gently asked if we knew what type of caravan we were looking for and what were our needs. A few minutes later received the ‘best picture’ of which were the best models that would fit our needs. I was amazed with the care and consideration we were treated. We became to know that we were actually speaking with one of the directors of the company Mr. Andrew Scott.


I, and also on behalf of my family, would like to express our “BIG THANK YOU!!!” for the way we were welcomed, approached, listened and treated by you Mr. Scott. It was a real pleasure.


Unfortunately, and for personal reasons we had to postpone our buy of a caravan, but would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude. I will recommend the Caravan Company to anyone who is interested on an exemplar costumer service.


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