Top Tips on Putting Up Your Caravan Awning

Posted on March 22, 2013

Many of us will know the perils you can encounter when trying to battle with your caravan awning! Putting it up can cause even the people with the calmest of temperaments to lose their cool at the site of that rolled up material and all those poles and pegs! But don’t lose your temper! Keep calm and check out these handy tips to putting up your awning in a simple and stress-free way:

• Instructions: People love to hate the instructions but if you’re setting up your caravan awning for the first time it’s a good idea to have a good read through the instructions and familiarise yourself with them. Make sure you always take these with you too – just in case.

• Mark the Poles: All those poles can cause a lot of grief! Grab some stickers or different coloured electrical tape and colour code or number the poles – this way you’ll have a better idea of which one goes where.

• Candle Wax: This may sound a little unorthodox but if you rub candle wax along the edge of the awning it will slide along the caravan channel much easier.

• Groundsheet First: If you place the groundsheet on the floor first this will make it much easier for you. You can place the awning frame directly onto the groundsheet – this will avoid all the awkward shuffling later on.

Simple Steps for Putting up Your Awning:

1. Slide the awning along the caravan channel – the best way to do this is to have one person feeding it through the channel and another person pulling it through.
2. Next fit the awning brackets into the roof cord.
3. Fit the vertical centre poles together followed by attaching the side poles onto them.
4. Position the remaining roof poles and tension them slightly.
5. Zip in the front and side of the awning before tensioning the legs to the right height.
6. Peg down the corners of the awning and then add the skirt before pegging down the rest of the awning.

Here at The Caravan Company we have years of experience when it comes awnings! We have a large showroom full of second hand awnings at our Leicester branch so if you’re looking for an awning to compliment your caravan then make sure we’re your first port of call.

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