Top Tips to Help You Reverse Your Caravan with Confidence

Posted on June 14, 2013

Owning a caravan is all fun and games until it comes to reversing it onto your drive, in a car park or even into a pitch on a caravan site. Reversing a caravan probably brings back memories of frustration, arguments between couples and watching the corner of the caravan get dangerously close to the back of your car! But help is on hand; here at The Caravan Company we’ve put a few tips together to help you tackle your caravan manoeuvres:

Larger Caravans Are Easier to Reverse:

When it comes to reversing large and small caravans the principles are very similar however the caravans will act differently due to their size. Twin axles, larger caravans can be easier to reverse as the wheels rub together meaning your manoeuvres are much slower and therefore more controlled.

Reversing Around a Corner:

Reversing around a corner or onto a pitch can be tricky but there is a fairly straightforward way of doing it.

1. Start by driving up alongside your pitch (or the corner) so your caravan wheels are just past the edge of the pitch and begin to turn the steering wheel – remember you’ll need to turn the opposite way to what you would if you were turning without the caravan.
2. Start to travel backwards slowly, being careful not to let the caravan roll too quickly.
3. Once the caravan is straight on the pitch, start to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction so your car will then begin to follow the line of the caravan, rolling it smoothly onto the pitch.

Tips for Better Reversing:

• The most important thing to remember is to take it slowly and smoothly the slower you are the more time you have to make any necessary adjustments.
• If you’ve got yourself in an awkward position it’s often easier to straighten up and start the manoeuvre again instead of trying to correct the problem.
• Over-steering is the easiest way to get yourself into a tricky situation; you only need very small movements when reversing a caravan.
• Make sure someone is keeping an eye on the caravan, don’t let it get too close to the back of your car to avoid damaging both vehicles.

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