Top Security Tips to Keep Your Caravan Safe and Secure

Posted on January 21, 2013

Your caravan, just like your home and cars need to be kept safe and secure from theft or vandalism. Unfortunately, opportunists will always be on the lookout for an easy steal, which is why it’s vital that you ensure that your caravan is protected at all times. Here are some top tips on securing your caravan:

The Basics:

You wouldn’t go out and leave your home unlocked and the windows open and your caravan is no exception. Make sure all windows are securely closed and you’ve locked the door, even if you’re just popping out for a few minutes. And just like we’re told to do with our cars, don’t leave any valuables on show. Things like mobile phones, mp3 players, games consoles should all be either taken with you or locked away out of site. This will help deter thieves away from your caravan.

Security Features:

Locks and alarms will add that extra layer of protection to your caravan; there are two main types of lock you can get for your caravan – hitch locks and wheel locks. Hitch locks secure your car to your caravan, this is ideal for when you’re on site or when you’re stopped at service stations on route. This security feature is something that most insurance companies expect you to use. Wheel locks, these are similar to wheel clamps, they fit around the wheel and lock to the brake assembly. These can be very effective as they not only work as an anti-theft device, they are also a deterrent.

Something that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of trackers on caravans. If the worst happens and your caravan is stolen it will aid a speedy recovery of your caravan and it also helps to significantly lower your insurance premiums.

During the Winter:

When your store your caravan away for winter it’s important that you also keep it safe and secure throughout the winter months. Wherever you leave it, whether it’s a storage space or your drive you need to ensure that there is adequate safety precaution in place. You should also empty the contents of your caravan, removing any valuables. Leave all curtains and blinds open as well as cupboard doors, this will make it clear to thieves that your caravan is empty. Also ensure you use a wheel lock whenever you’re leaving you caravan for a prolonged amount of time.

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