How to Clean the Inside of a Caravan Effectively

Posted on November 4, 2013

With the winter season bearing down upon us now is the time that many caravan owners up and down the UK will be looking to put it into storage.

Aside from clearing out your belongings and perhaps having a quick tidy up, what exactly should you be doing in terms of cleaning inside your caravan? Read on as we divulge the secrets to avoiding nasty surprises come the spring.

Clean Down Thoroughly

Unfortunately there is no quick and easy solution to ensuring your caravan is good to go come next year. The main ingredient you’re going to need is a lot of hard work and elbow grease.

Get into every nook and cranny of your caravan with a duster, vacuum cleaner and cloth, wiping every surface and clearing every cupboard. Not only is this vital for ensuring that you avoid any unpleasant smells or mould when you come back to the caravan in the spring but also that you don’t leave anything important behind.

Target the Kitchen

Nowhere is this more important than in the kitchen. Clean out both the fridge and oven thoroughly and leave the doors to them open to aid circulation.

Disinfect all surfaces as well and tackle any spills that perhaps weren’t dealt with properly at the time, however it is important for you to use products designed specifically for caravan cleaning as regular domestic cleaners may damage surfaces and seals.

Air Circulation is Key

When a caravan isn’t used for a long period of time moisture, mildew and mould are liable to develop as the air is unable to circulate. With this in mind, it is important to open cupboards, appliances and doors to ensure air circulation is aided as much as possible. however, under no circumstances should you be tempted to leave windows open as this will allow rain and insects inside as well as compromise security.

We’d also recommend allowing cushions to stand upright away from walls, or if possible, to be kept at home.

To find out more about winter caravan maintenance call the experts here at The Caravan Company on 0800 954 8971 or come and visit one of our sites.

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