D Houston Has His Say

Posted on June 22, 2016

Dear Andrew and Matt.
Never before have I purchased anything without first viewing. As you can imagine I was a little nervous as to what lay ahead of us on the journey to Finedon.
I need not have worried for as soon as I entered the "yard" and subsequently the reception area I knew that all would be well. Your welcome
was greatly appreciated as was the coffee and the use of one spotlessly clean toilet, a rare thing these days.
Thanks also for opening up for us early as it did allow us to get on out way at a respectable time. Sadly we only discovered that the 5.30 sailing ws actually the 15.30 after we left you. However I have to report that had we departed at 08.00 we quite possibly could have made the 15.30. As it was we had a 3 hour wait and there's not a lot to do in Cairnryan on a tuesday evening!!!!
Anyway we arrived home at exactly 11.00pm and today (back at work) we're absolutely exhausted.
The caravan is just what we wanted. Its a more up to date version of what we sold two and a half years ago. We were sorry we sold it but not anymore.
A special mention to Matt. Your professionalism and customer service skills are second to none. Nothing was too much bother and we greatly appreciate it.
Once again, thanks for a great day all round, it was a pleasure meeting you all.
Dallas & Heather

from D Houston

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