Caravanning with Your Dog – Tips and Tricks for a Successful Holiday

Posted on August 19, 2013

Caravans can take the heartache out of travelling without your beloved dog. As the ultimate in pet-friendly holiday accommodation, you no longer need to leave your dog in kennels and wave goodbye. A welcome escape from mundane routines, you and your dog can share a summer adventure together instead.


Many pet owners love caravanning with their dogs and it’s something we at The Caravan Company like to see. If you’re planning your first trip, here’s some helpful advice we’d like to offer.


Where To Go


A suitable holiday spot involves two things – location and level of ‘dog-friendliness’. Find out if there are exercise areas and dog walks available, and if there are rules regarding lead length, dangerous breeds and restrictions on where your dog can and cannot go. Some camp sites allow dogs to stay for free, while others don’t, so enquire about extra fees before booking.




Pack toys and bedding for your dog and have a designated place for them to sleep. If your dog is small, there’ll be ample room inside your caravan. For large breeds, arranging a bed in the awning outside is the best option. By having comfortable bedding organised in advance, your dog can quickly relax and settle on arrival.


Safe Exercise


Your dog will enjoy spending time outdoors with you and meeting canine friends on holiday. With plenty of space to run, jump and play, there’ll be no chance of boredom. Aside from bringing a lead, plastic bags, harness and/or muzzle, check your dog’s collar is tagged with your contact information. This is essential should they happen to get lost in their new surroundings.


Food Essentials


Plan out your dog’s meals so you can be certain you have enough pet food for the duration of your stay. With extra treats, your dog will need little else other than medication and/or supplements. Depending on their individual requirements, your dog can stay as healthy on holiday as she or he does at home.


Caravan Specialists


At The Caravan Company, we think every dog deserves a holiday. Whether for a short weekend break or a full summer holiday, a caravan provides affordable accommodation you and your pet can enjoy any time of year.


Pre-owned and new, we have 2-berth, 4-berth, 5-berth and 6-berth models for you to choose from we think you’ll be impressed with the range of caravans we have on offer. Check our special offers or visit one of our branches across the country – we’re open seven days a week.


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