3 Caravan Holiday Myths Debunked

Posted on September 2, 2013

Here at The Caravan Company we have many customers who love caravanning and everything about it, but there are still a lot of people who listen to all of the various myths that surround this quintessentially British past time. Here are some of the most common.


The Myth: Owning your own caravan is the reserve of the rich.


The Reality: Here at The Caravan Company we have a large number of quality new and used caravans at incredibly affordable prices.


Additionally, for those customers that are looking for something that is in a higher price bracket we can offer a range of financing options to make your brand new touring caravan affordable.


The Myth: Caravan holidays are dull and something that older people do.


The Reality: As far as we are concerned no other kind of holiday can offer the same freedom and sense of adventure as a caravanning holiday. How much fun you have on your holiday will depend a lot on where you go rather than where you lay your head, so there is no reason why a caravan holiday would be any less fun than one spent in a hotel.


You’re not limited to Britain either, as you can travel with your caravan all over Europe, while paying nothing in accommodation fees along the way!


The Myth: Don’t go on a caravan holiday in winter as they don’t shelter you from the elements.


The Reality: Once upon a time this may have been the case, but modern caravans are incredibly well made and are capable of providing all the insulation and weather protection you and your family would need.


To find out more about our range of caravans and what they can offer you on your holiday get in touch with our team on 0800 954 8971.

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