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The Caravan Company have one of the largest selections of pre-owned caravan awnings in the UK at Northampton and always have many sizes and styles to choose from. Fresh stock is arriving daily and all the awnings are for sale at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Allow us to introduce Colin Goodman our awning sales specialist. Colin has an unrivalled knowledge when it comes to ensuring you buy the right awning for your caravan, and he will happily provide you with his expert advice.

Every awning is checked as it arrives into stock to ensure that all the required parts are intact and also to verify its condition. This enables you to make a purchase with complete confidence and peace of mind. Colin will happily allow you to inspect the awning before you purchase and provide comprehensive instructions on how to use it.

We also carry a range of equipment for second hand caravans  at Northampton, ideal for those that are wishing to get into caravanning but perhaps have a limited budget.

Please give Colin Goodman a ring or send him an enquiry below outlining your requirements and someone will contact you as soon as they are able. please call before you travel over to us as stock may have changed

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Current Awning Stocklist

Size Make & Model Specification Condition Colour Price Ref
735 NR Pulman Zip out Panels Good Burg - Grey £250 13   steel
738.762 Ventura atlatic marine Zip out panels As new Marine £700 82  carbon
750/775 Dorema Zip out panels Fair Blue-Grey £200 47   steel
760 NR Libra Roll up Front Very Good Burg - Grey £150 12   steel
775 GATEWAY Zip out panels Good Char-Grey £475 31   steel
775/790 lsabella inc annex Zip out panels Fair no curtains Green-Grey £200 90  carbon
800/825 Kampa carnival Zip out panels Good Blue/Grey £"75 75   steel
825 NR Pulman Zip out Panels Good Green - Grey £150 4   steel
825 Isabella Zip out Panels Fair ( r ) Brown-Cream £300 29   carbon
850 NR Pulman Zip out Panels Good Green - Grey £150 17   steel
875 NR awnings Zip out panels Good Blue-Grey £250 91  carbon
861/885 Ventura pacific Zip out panels Very Good Grey-Coal £500 81  carbon
885/909 Gateway Harewood Zip out panels Good Char-Grey £275 89   steel
900 Isabella Opus 3.5 Zip out Panels Excellent Blue - Grey £800 27   carbon
900 Ventura Zip out panels Fair very old Grren-Grey £150 93   carbon
900/925 Dorema Montana Zip out panels Good Blue-Grey £350 97   steel
900/920 Isabella Ambasador Zip out panels Fair/very old Burg-Grey £150 67  carbon
900/925 Starcamp Cameo Zip out panels Good Blue-Grey £300 83   alloy
900/925 Inca mirage 3mtr Zip out panels Good Burg/Grey £400 70   steel
900/925 Starcamp Zip out panels Good Blue-Grey £275 94  alloy
925 Harewood Zip out Panels As New Char - Grey £750 33   steel
925 Gateway harewood inc annex Very good Char-grey £775 5   steel
945.965 Pyramid Zip out panels Fair Green-grey £150. 49   steel
950 Gateway langsett Zip out panels Excellent Grey £700 34   steel
975 Isabella Comm 3 mtr Zip out Panels Excellent Char - Grey £1500 20   steel
975 Gateway Harewood Zip out panels Excellent Blue-Grey £550 11   steel
1000 Royal harrington Zip out panels Good Blue-Grey £300 96  carbon
1000/1025 Dorema Zip out panels Good Blue-Grey £300 86   steel
1025 Trio King 3 mtr Zip out Panels Very Good Burg - Grey £400 30   steel
1025/1050 Dorema daytona Zip out panels New Charcoal £700 98   steel
1044/1060 Bradcot Zip out panels Fair Blue/Grey £275 63  carbon

Porch Awnings

Size Make & Model Specification Material Condition Colour Price Ref
8' Gateway Rufford Zip out Panels Poly - Cotton As New Char - Grey £400 1094  
8' NR Coniston Zip out Panels Poly - Cotton Good Aqua - Grey £125. 8298  
275 Starcamp quattro Zip out panel   Good Blue-Grey £150 95  

Our Accreditations

  • Practical Caravan Gold Award
  • The Caravan Club
  • Black Horse Approved Dealer
  • Approved Workshop
  • The Camping & Caravanning Club
  • NCC